Our Approach

We offer an evidence-based approach to brand messaging strategy and communications. We take time to understand audience priorities and then align messaging and communications for optimum brand performance.

Macro Messaging Process
Messaging is an iterative process requiring continual feedback at different stages to refine and optimize the message according to customer priorities.

There’s no set process, but we do use proven tools and techniques to develop, validate and track messaging strategy and communications. Experience has taught us that no two projects are alike and each project requires a custom process to meet the objective.

There are two aspects to the Churchill approach, that make it different and effective:

Collaborative. Any brand messaging and communications project undertaken is a collaborative effort. We work with key stakeholders to understand the current situation, develop ideas, find the right visual and verbal language and then test solutions to keep things on track.

Iterative. The process of brand messaging is iterative and any strategy or plan requires careful monitoring and refinement before and after deployment. As messaging concepts are developed, we will discover nuances that help refine strategy, avoid pitfalls, and improve results.

Market research is an integral part of any project. It helps to establish a baseline against which brand messaging can be tested and tracked for refinement and optimization. We use various qualitative and quantitative research techniques to:

  • understand and align with audience priorities
  • explore and validate the emotional as well as rational response to brands, messages, and communications, and
  • track performance to adjust strategy, plans and communications over time

Besides the usual question and answer, we use various choice-based research techniques to quantitatively determine and align customer priorities with messages.

It goes without saying that brand messaging and communications are emotionally charged, contentious sales and marketing activities. The Churchill approach applies a rigor to the process to achieve three objectives: stimulate creative thinking, provide direction, and facilitate decision-making. We help organizations find unexpected, breakthrough solutions that everyone will buy into.