Our Work

Churchill’s work in brand message consulting spans more than 25 years, a whole host of industries and a wide variety of projects. No two projects are the same. And as you can see from the descriptions below, we have a vast experience in solving some pretty tricky branding and messaging problems.

Pre-and post-messaging research and analysis with internal and external audiences directing the development of the brand architecture and tiered messaging strategy.
Quantitative and qualitative research to study the brand image, equity and preference of the ION-GXT seismic data processing and highlight opportunities for development.
1) Quantitative research into the positioning of GeoGraphix brand as it relates to the Landmark portfolio; 2) Quantitative research into the equity, relationship and preference for the Landmark, DecisionSpace, and DecisionSpace Desktop brands as an umbrella brand; 3) Evolution of the messaging strategy for the DecisionSpace brand; 4) Plus other projects.
Pre- and post-messaging research and analysis with internal and external audiences directing the development of both the brand and messaging strategy, and visual identity refresh.

1) Brand relationship and transition strategy; 2) Positioning statements and value propositions for the different brands in the NRG portfolio to explore alignment and how to broaden the customer base given the segmentation strategy.
1) HALLIBURTON corporate and divisional brand architecture and visual identity system development; 2) corporate and divisional name and nomenclature system development; 3) v1 and ongoing updates of the brand and naming guidelines.
1) Fenner Advanced Sealing Technologies division mission, vision, and statement of purpose consulting; 2) CDI Energy brand relationship and architecture development for all business units; 3) CDI Energy brand guideline development.
1) LMKR GeoGraphix brand strategy consulting; 2) visual identity system refresh; 3) messaging strategy and playbook development; 4) GeoGraphix re-launch event communication materials; 5) new product communications planning and materials.
1) Brand strategy along with the name and nomenclature system development; 2) naming guidelines; 3) Baroid ‘ecosystem’ messaging strategy, playbook, and communications.
1) Pre-and post-research with internal and external audiences to determine brand positioning and development of a new real time performance monitoring technology; 2) name and nomenclature development; 3) visual identity system; 4) tiered messaging strategy and communication planning, messaging playbook, and communications for the product launch.