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A data-driven approach to brand message development and delivery to optimize communications and improve engagement.

A Straightforward 3-step Process

Brand Message Framework Development
Brand Message & Needs Alignment
Brand Message Effectiveness Tracking & Optimization
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What is your strategy and framework for creating and delivering a message?

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What are your customer's priorities, and how well does your message align?

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How effective is the message, and how could it be developed and optimized?

1st party and 3rd party information review to understand market dynamics, business/marketing strategy.

Pre- and post-qualitative research with key stakeholders (internally and externally) to understand and articulate customer needs.

Messaging strategy and framework development for the brand to align product/services, and/or solutions with channels and audiences.

Quantitative research using choice-based research tools and techniques to:

  • Gauge awareness, recognition, and use patterns of the brand relative to competing brands;

  • Determine the relative importance, or relevance of brand characteristics versus need;

  • Evaluate audience perceptions of a brand versus characteristics;

  • Establish a baseline brand preference metric that can be tracked over time as an ongoing gauge of brand performance.

Quantitative research using rigorous experimental design and robust methodology grounded in behavioral science to test messaging concepts and:


  • Determine the right message to deliver to audiences; and

  • Analyze the fine-grain subtext to find the right words and phraseology.

Ongoing data analysis to determine messaging effectiveness based on pre-determined performance metrics.

Further message testing to refine the messaging sub text to optimization message performance according to need priority.

Each step in brand message development can be contracted individually, or as a fully-integrated, data-driven development process. It all depends on your needs, and priorities.

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