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Churchill are consultants in brand strategy with specific expertise in messaging. We focus on helping organizations bridge the gap between what is theoretical (internally-driven) and what is practical (externally-adopted).

As anyone who has tried outlining strategy knows, it’s challenging. Different stakeholders and perspectives, not to mention marketplace dynamics all make it very confusing. In short, Churchill help facilitate the strategy development process, explore and validate solutions, outline implementation plans, and track performance. We are impartial and provide external perspective and clarity, valuable traits when formulating strategy, rallying support, and winning approval.


  • Brand messaging alignment
  • New product branding and messaging
  • Audience engagement (audience adoption) – internal and external
  • Brand revitalization
  • Brand portfolio rationalization




About Churchill

Founded in 2002, Churchill is a privately-held enterprise based in the US with a global network of partner companies. We work collaboratively with clients to facilitate the strategy development process, integrating research where possible to explore, validate and track performance of solutions.

Over the years, we have worked on a wide variety of strategic and tactical projects worldwide for multi-national corporations, SME’s and nonprofits in different industries. We have acquired and bring to bear a wealth of knowledge and expertise in problem-solving, research, and strategy development.

Given our insight and role, we make it our mission to provide outstanding service while helping clients to explore options, optimize solutions, and provide clear, actionable direction.