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Brand Message Development & Optimization


Crafting and delivering a message is relatively easy...what's challenging is knowing how it will be received and what response to expect.

The question is not what to say. The question should be why say it, and how best to say it.

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Brand Message Framework Development
Brand Message and Needs Alignment
Brand Message Effectiveness Tracking and Optimization

Churchill helps you to identify and align the message according to audience priority and then improve message effectiveness through a data-driven process for continual improvement.

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Identify and organize critical information to clearly articulate and align the value proposition and brand message in accordance with business strategy.

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Explore and validate the value proposition and brand message according to audience needs and more importantly priorities of those needs.

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Upon delivery, track performance in order to refine the message and optimize communications to improve engagement.

When it's most effective?

Protect & Grow a Franchise

Competition is increasing, stealing market share, and squeezing margins. You need to be more targeted in your messaging to engage customers, reinforce your value proposition, cross-sell or upsell products, and develop new markets.

Introduce a New Product

Needs are changing constantly and the need to innovate to stay competitive is at the heart of any business. To be adopted and successful, new products require messaging that aligns perfectly with the target audience priorities and not just needs.

Improve Sales Effectiveness

Digital technologies are a blessing and a curse. While making it easier to get a message out, they have created an overwhelming amount of messages being delivered not to mention fundamentally changing the sales process making it harder to get face time with customers. Defining audience priorities as opposed to just needs and knowing what to say, when to say it, and how best to say it, has become critical to achieve success.

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Notable Achievements

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LMKR GeoGraphix®

Geographix software was one of two geophysical E&P software platforms owned by Halliburton Landmark. Developed on the Microsoft operating system, Geographix software was known for being adaptable and easy to use.


As E&P software development matured and advanced, it became increasing difficult to support two platforms. Consequently, Landmark management decided to license Geographix to LMKR. Given Churchill’s work with Halliburton and experience with Geographix, we were tasked with refreshing the brand image, message and communications to provide a platform for new product introductions and growth.

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